Construction Business Mastery – Podcast #19


It’s now official after two years in the development Construction Business Mastery Alliance is open for membership.

In the 19th podcast of the Construction Business Mastery Alliance Glenn Wilson recaps the construction figures for the month of March and how the industry fared for the first quarter of 2013. In addition in the feature segment Glenn Wilson starts a series on the five distinct business elements that exist in a construction company in this episode he covers construction business management. In the legal segment he report is presented on a case where a subcontractor sued a prime contractor because he did not receive a subcontract even though he was listed on the owner’s bid documents. Safety segment has been revised from the original format to include a more educational perspective and in this month’s podcast Glenn Wilson talks about the safety procedures for lifting and hauling. The bonus is section has been eliminated from the podcast and has been replaced by construction industry recommendations and offers this month it covers the redesigned construction one-to-one assessment that is free to all contractors. A new segment has been added to the podcast which covers Glenn Wilson’s comments on what is currently going on in the construction industry.